Will Anybody Actually Read This?

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As I sat down to write this article, it occurred to me that our God must surely ask the above question relative to His Word in Scripture. He composed the Bible for people like us and has kept around 2,000 years for us. He wanted us to know He loved us even when we were sinning against Him like “enemies.” (Romans 5:8) He hoped we would hear Him tell us of the enormous price He paid to purchase us back from the “evil one” to whom we sold our lives by our sinning. (Titus 2:14) He obviously thought and desired that we would be “drawn” to Him if we saw His Son (via the words of Scripture) “lifted up” on a cross in our place. (John 12:32)

But what if people just leave their Bibles lying around unread and unheard? No one will get the precious messages of God. The tenderhearted God who loves every person so much will have to look on as you and I don’t even bother to just read and hear His message. What a heartbreaking experience for God this must be after “offering up His only Son” to make possible that His message would have saving power! Must God have to say about me or you after paying such a price, “will he / she even bother to read this? Will his / her Bible just lay untouched day after day? Why won’t they appreciate Me enough to just let Me speak to them?”

The efforts to remove God’s message in Scripture from you and me have been countless and vicious. History says, “Mary (“Bloody Mary” – 1553-1558) went on to burn reformers at the stake by the hundreds for the ‘crime’ of reading or owning and English translation of the Bible.” During this period of history reformers and translators like William Tyndale, who dared to translate and produce copies of the Bible were exiled, jailed, or burned at the stake.

However, Jesus had said, “Heaven and earth shall pass away but My words will NOT pass away.” (Luke 21:33) So, after the shedding of great quantities of blood, the agony of flames by people of faith whom God used long before us, and the faithfulness of our Lord Himself, we still have the “message of God” to people He loves (us).

But, will anybody actually read it? Will anyone try to allow its message of loving truth to empower understanding and impact life? Or, in your case and mine, will it just lie there unread, message unheard, and power blocked from touching us?

Is it possible in you case, that God might get to look down and see YOU reflectively reading His Word from your Bible? Is it possible He could get to observe you actually “seeking” to “know him” (the real God) from His message of love to you?

Will anybody actually read this?

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