Who We Are

The Holiday Park Church of Christ believes in a wonderful and loving God who cares dearly for every person on this planet. We believe anyone who is seeking to know God can actually hear and see Him in two faith building ways:

  1. He can be seen in the amazingly miraculous designs and beauty of the things He has made in the awesome world viewable around us all. (Romans 1:20)
  2. He can be discovered as His personality and concern for us unfolds from the pages of the unique book we call the Bible. (John 14:23)

From this faith beginning we have concluded that we need this God in our lives. We need Him both for good life now and for the eternal life He offers. We have learned from the New Testament that this offer of life is to all who trust in Him enough to obediently let Him be their guide. (John 3:36) In order to find oneself in a real friendship with God we have concluded that it is necessary to listen exclusively to Him (through Scripture) and respond with full intent to obey when we understand His directives.

Our background is rooted back into a movement of believers who have focused on finding God’s will and guidance exclusively in the New Testament of Jesus. We make it our deliberate goal to never compromise the clear teachings of our Lord. This means we are careful in our efforts to avoid religious traditions and ideas that have come from mere human notions instead of God’s Word. (Mark 7:8) An old quote from long ago verbalizes this effort well. It says, “Where the Scriptures speak, we speak. Where the Scriptures are silent, we are silent.” The Scriptures speak loudly in saying we must “love the Lord our God with all our heart, soul, mind and strength,” and “love one another with a love that covers a multitude of shortcomings.” This “first and greatest command” of God becomes the center of who we are.

What We Believe

We believe God’s love for us moved Him to send Jesus, His Son, to this planet to show us who God is and then die in our place paying for our shortcomings and sins. (Romans 5:8) Because of deep love for and devotion to this God, we try from the heart to avoid forsaking or grieving Him. We encourage each other to live lives worthy of such a great God by faithfully coming together to worship and commune with Him each Lord’s Day as He asks. (1 Thessalonians 2:11-12)

By deliberate intent we look for people who are looking for God in their lives. We remain ready and eager to share with such folk God’s own Biblically revealed way to be saved through trusting faith, repentance and baptism. (Acts 2:38)

Perhaps most important of all, we consider ourselves humbled recipients of amazing grace because God loves us in spite of lives plagued by shortcomings, mistakes and sins. He loved us enough to even let the scene of the Cross unfold before us in an attempt to “draw us” (John 12:32) to a closeness with Him.