What Makes Us Great?

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What makes a nation great?

Territory? Military? GNP?

Do we have to beat our neighbors

In every worldly category?


What if justice was our pride?

And jails had rooms to spare?

God will bless a nation when

The poor get more than stares.


What makes a church great?

Stained glass? Organ brass? A big class?

Do we walk right by the hurting

Smiling greetings as we pass?


What if brothers were our friends?

And we longed to get together?

God will bless a church when

Our bonds stay firm forever.


What makes a life great?

Prosperity? Celebrity? Beauty?

Do we mistake a thin facade

For a structure of integrity?


What if sacrifice was valued?

And humble service praised?

God will bless the righteous when

It’s His banner we’ve raised.


by Mike and Abigail Casey

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