God Has Spoken Again Through Springtime

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For all of us, even those who may not think much about it, life has changed amazingly over the last several weeks. The “change” I am referring to is not related to anything we have ourselves done. Most of us still have the challenges we’ve had for some time. Health problems may even be more bothersome. Economic stresses may still be weighing on us. Job circumstances may not have improved much. But somehow, life has a degree of increased attractiveness in spite of the troubling concerns.

Someone has changed the life experiences we all experience every day. We awaken to nature-brightness everywhere. The beautiful sounds of nature around us have replaced the winter quietness of recent days. “Getting outside” has taken on a new inviting dimension because of the beauty and smells of flowers, trees, butterflies, and countless other wonders. Who could have brought about this astounding and joyous change? Listen as Paul speaks to us about this in the following verse:

“From the creation of the world God’s invisible attributes, that is, His eternal power and divine nature, have been clearly see, being understood though what He has made.” (Romans 1:20)

Most folk walk right past all of these wonders, even admire them, maybe take photos of them, speak of beautiful sunsets or sunrises, soak up the atmosphere at a beautiful lake or breath-taking view, hear the sweet sounds of a blue bird, and NEVER utter one word of praise or thanksgiving to the amazing God who continuously make and maintains it all. What an atrocious way to be unconscious and even sub-human! What a dangerous way to risk offending the loving Giver of everything good in human life. This God Himself says about such people, “they are without excuse.” (Romans 1:20)

May it be that every person of us be freshly awakened to see, relish, enjoy and express sincerest gratitude in obedience to the precious giving God who made and oversees the miraculous environment in which we live! There is literally NO ONE else to credit for it. He is the same One who died to give us even more wonders in the “next life” He has in mind to give to us.


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